Fong Da Coffee-"Consul Coffee" a box of Drip bag coffee(10 bags)

Fong Da Coffee-"Consul Coffee" a box of Drip bag coffee(10 bags)

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Fong Da Coffee- Consul Coffee-A Box of Drip Bag Coffee (10 Packs)

Product details:

  • As early as the end of the 19th century, the local gentry in Gulangyu Island had already enjoyed the different coffee flavors brought by the consulates, so some people mixed the fragrant American coffee with the strong Italian coffee. The coffee of feeling, we call it consul coffee.

Product name: Fong Da Coffee-"Consul Coffee" Drip bag coffee
Ingredients: coffee powder
Weight: 100g
Packaging: 10g X 10 packs
Expiry date: Marked on the package
Self life: 18 months
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from high temperature and humidity
Place of origin: Taiwan

brewing method:
1) Please tear it according to the direction of the arrow on the bag.
2) Stretch the left and right hanging ears and hang them on the rim of the cup.
3) Slowly pour 200cc of hot water (above 92c) into the coffee powder in 3-4 times.
4) About 3-5 seconds after flushing the water, remove the filter bag from the cup and drain it to drink mellow coffee.

***The product is shipped by Fong da Macau, and the buyer has to pay the shipping fee (SF Express to Hong Kong 1kg is about HKD35-40)