Payment methods

When checking out, guests can choose to pay by bank transfer, Payme, FPS or credit card/Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Bank transfer
If the customer chooses to pay by bank transfer or other channels, please complete the payment within 2 days after the order is placed, and please send the bank receipt or payment screenshot by email to or WhatsApp to 852-6367-1108 . The payment at checkout must be consistent with the payment by bank transfer, otherwise it will be difficult to check and process, and will affect the normal process of ordering.
After receiving the receipt uploaded by the customer, it will take about 1-3 working days for us to verify the payment with the bank.
If the payment is successfully verified, the order status of the customer will change from "Processing" to "Confirmed", and you will receive an email notification from us later; and the payment status will also change to "Paid".
If the customer fails to upload the valid deposit certificate before the time limit after placing the order, the computer system will automatically cancel the order without further notice.

Transfer bank information
For all screenshots (ebank / FPS), please try to show the date and time of deposit as much as possible, or note the date and time of deposit when uploading, so that our company can check.

Bank Name: HSBC
Name: Fong Da Coffee Hong Kong Limited
Account number: 741-461479-838
FPS : 162501837

*Please note that all additional costs incurred by bank transfers will be borne by the customer.


Credit Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay/Alipay
You can use Visa, Master, American Express and other credit cards or Apple Pay/Google Pay e-wallets to pay for the order amount, and we will charge a 3.4% handling fee of the order amount.
We use Shopifly Payment as our Payment Gateway. Your credit card number will be sent directly to a secure electronic storage system by SSL, and our server will not store any credit card account information.

If any suspicious, dishonest, misleading or fraudulent behavior is found, once discovered, Fongda Coffee Hong Kong Co., Ltd. will report to the police.