Order delivery and delivery time

All orders are sent by Fong Da Coffee (Macau), and SF Express is responsible for the delivery. Customers need to bear the freight by themselves and pay on delivery. The uniform charges are subject to those provided by SF Express.

How long does the shipping time take?
  • Generally, after confirming the order and receiving the notification, after completing the checkout and receiving the confirmed order, you will receive the delivery/pickup notification within 3-5 working days. However, it is not ruled out that the delivery time will be affected due to festivals (such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter) or excessive orders. When Gale Signal No. 8 is hoisted or black rainstorm warning is in force, the delivery service time will be delayed.

How can I track my order?
  • First log in, click "My Account" in the upper right corner of the home page. Click "Order History" to view.

In addition to delivery to my home, can I choose to pick up the goods at the address of SF Express?
  • Yes, but not applicable to EF Locker. Please clearly fill in the place where you want to pick up the goods in the delivery address when purchasing.
Address of SF Express
SF Express station address
SF Express cooperation point address

If you have any inquiries, please contact us before placing an order. 😊😊😊